It seems that the pianist does what Claude Monet told once: he plays "the light itself"

                                                                      A. Osipova

Danilo Mascetti is an Italian pianist, member of the Lake Como International Piano Academy, and the '19/'20 Carne Trust Junior Fellow at the Royal College of Music of London. He is the winner of the 2nd prize, best Baroque and best Classical prizes at the prestigious UNISA International Piano Competition 2020, South Africa. He is also part of the Talent Unlimited Scheme and a Live Music Now musician.

He regularly performs as soloist all over Europe, with orchestras such us Pomeriggi Musicali, Thessaloniki State Orchestra, Symphonic State Orchestra of Craiova. From 2014 he performs in China and Japan, debuts in London, Prague, Rome, Russia, USA and North Africa, with orchestras such as the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra Hradec Králové, the Nova Amadeus orchestra, the NYCA Symphony Orchestra, performing for Kyoto International Music Students Festival, Aspect Foundation for Music and Arts, New York Concert Artists.

During this last season he performs with orchestras such as ASF Orchestra and UniMilanoB Orchestra, again, Philarmonic Orchestra of Bacau and RCM Chamber Orchestra. He recently debuted in Slovenia at the Presidential Palace for the current President B. Pahor, and with the Johannesburg Philarmonic Orchestra in Pretoria. During summer 2020 he tours Austria and Czech Republic, debuting in Vienna.

He studied with Vincenzo Balzani, Natalia Trull and Vsevolod Dvorkin, and with Vanessa Latarche and Gordon Fergus – Thompson in the UK. He is currently student of William Grant Nabore. Besides the most recent prize, he gained international reputation becoming laureate of competitions as “Princesse Lalla Meryem” in Rabat, “Gyorgios Thymis”in Greece, “Chopin” in Rome, “Pianotalents”, “E. Pozzoli” in Seregno, “F.Liszt” in Grottamare. During his studies he was supported by C. Bechstein, the Ann Driver Trust, the Music Talks Award, the INPDAD Italian awards.

Involved from an early age with his parents and his family in the care of foster children, Danilo Mascetti has worked since 2015 with non-profit organizations of Lombardy becoming co-founder and Artistic Director of Arte Solidale Festival (Lake Como); all the proceeds from this festival go to help minors in need.