12/1: Rozzano, solo recital

18/1: V & A Museum London, Mozart

21/1: ACF London, Schubert

24/1: LBCF at National Liberal CLub

2/2: Brunate, Libary "Arte Solidale Festival"

14/2: Beaconsfield Words and music

18/2: St. James’s Church, Piccadilly

4/3: Austrian Cultural Forum, Debussy

18/3 Drovers Centre, Debussy

18/3: Austrian Cultural Forum, Ravel

23/3: Chichester, Pallant House Gallery

25/3: Kensington Library, around Debussy

27/3: St George Kensington, French program

29/3: Regent's Hall, London, Bach and Ravel

1/4: Milan, UniMi Orchestra, Beethoven Concerto n.2

7/4: East Grinstead, recital, Debussy and Ravel 

3/5:Cantù, Vighizzolo Theatre, Mozart KV271 and

4/5 Prokofiev n. 3, Bacau Philarmonic Orchestra

4/5: Brunate, ASF, Recital with Marcella Di Garbo

11/5: Como,Bach Branenburg Concerto n.5 ASF Orchestra

13/5: High Wycomb, Recital with Flora Fontanelli

30/5: London, RCM, final recital

19/6: London, St.John's Fulham, Bach, Stravinsky

23/6: London RCM Chamber Orchestra, Liszt n.2

27/6: RCM Contemporary Music Concert

4/7: Harrow on the Hill, recital with P.Martinez

6/7: Turnham Green, concert with Hogarth Singers

5/8-18/8: Olympus Musicus Festival, Prague, coaching and chamber music, Beethoven, Dutilleux

8/9: St. Paul's Kightsbridge: Recital, Debussy, Ravel Dutilleux

7/10: Concert with J. P. H. Farrera,Ravel, Dutilleux

15/10: Fandango, opening concert of the Carne Trust Junior Fellowhip at RCM

19/10: Clapham, chamber music with S. Markman

21/10: Austrian Cultural Forum London, chamber music with S. Markman

1-2/11: Four hands with K. Tirzitis (V & A, St. John's FUlham)

6/11: Brentwood, recital, Dutilleux, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky

10-/11: India solo tour - rescheduled

15/11: Charlton House, Charlton, with F. Fontanelli

21/11: MaMu Milan, chamber music with F. Fontanelli

22/11: Masate, chamber music with F. Fontanelli

13/12: St. James' Piccadilly recital, the Carne Trust, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Dutilleux

16/12: Milano, UniMiB Orchestra, Bach concertos